Between Weathers welcomes latest cast members

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Between Weathers, the movie to be shot in Fetlar next year, has announced the final auditionees who made it into the movie from their casting sessions in Inverness, Perth and Aberdeen.

Director Jim Brown thinks he has uncovered some potential stars.

“Out of the hundreds that turned up for the open castings I think I have found a very special group of people. Although many of them have never acted before I predict that one or two will really make it big. Hollywood casting legend Eddie Foy III always told me it was all about first impressions, ‘If they look right, they are right, we can teach them to act’. Having discovered Robert De Niro, and Dustin Hoffman he knows what he is talking about.

Over 1000 came to see us and 15 had that extra something, they shone, they wanted it. I am so excited about working with them and blending them into our stellar cast.”


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