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Fetlar School Digital School Award 15th June 2017

Fetlar School has recently been granted a Digital School Award and are also listed as a mentor school. One of only 30 in Scotland to have this accolade ...
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Our Core Packs offer a brief introduction to the island, covering key details about Fetlar. Our Supplemental Packs offer a more in-depth view of various aspects of the island, especially its history.  Finally, our Information Sheets offer specific and highly detailed information across a range of subjects, including the very popular red-necked phalarope.

All downloads are available as full colour documents, or black & white text-only documents (B&W). We also offer full downloads of all Core Packs, Supplemental Packs, and Information Sheets.

Please also feel free to contact out Development Worker, Robert Thomson, for any further information. Full contact details are available here.

Core Packs Supplemental Packs   Information Sheets
 Key Facts & Figures  B&W     Traditional Labour B&W     Travel Information B&W
 Community B&W  Early History
 Fetlar Developments Ltd. B&W
 History & Archaeology B&W  The Vikings B&W  Fetlar Interpretive Centre B&W
 Wildlife & Nature  B&W o  The Clearances B&W  Hnefatafl B&W
 Birds B&W  
     Geology B&W
     Time Team in Fetlar B&W
     Brough Lodge B&W
 Sir William Watson Cheyne B&W
 Jeemsie Laurenson B&W
 Red-Necked Phalarope  B&W
     Whimbrel B&W
All Core Packs B&W All Supplemental Packs B&W All Information Sheets B&W