Fetlar shop. Zoom imageFetlar shop. The shop on Fetlar is currently closed but is in the process of being sold to new owners. We will update this page when we have  more information.  The Post Office located in the old shop premises opens Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and  Saturday  from 11am - 1pm.

The nearby islands of Unst and Yell offer more shopping options. Unst has three shops: The Final Checkout, Skibhoul Stores and H.Henderson. The first two both offer fuel, and Skibhoul also have their own bakery. Yell has five shops: RS Henderson in Cullivoe, Linkshouse Stores in Midyell, The Aywick shop, Burravoe Community Co-op and The Ulsta Shop.

Further afield there are two supermarkets in Lerwick: Tesco and the Co-op. Lerwick also offers a wide range of other shopping opportunities through various local outlets, including Boots the chemist and an M&Co clothing store.

Currently there are options for getting deliveries from shops delivered into the island. One example of this is RS Henderson based on Yell which delivers every Friday.

There are bus services available which can allow those without there own transport access to shops off island.