The One show is coming to Fetlar

News Posted:

The One Show is coming to Fetlar to film the auditions for the up coming film, ‘Between Weathers.’  We are hoping that many of Fetlar residents are going to take part in the auditions.  If any body is thinking about going along to the open auditions please get in touch with The One Show as we are keen to come and meet some of you before hand and follow you through the process.   Telephone 0208 008 5625

Auditions for the film are being held in Fetlar at the hall on Thursday the 28th of July. Between 80 -100 people are expected to be taking part in the Fetlar audtions which will go on most of the day. To register, so you can be allocated a time to attend, please visit the Between Weathers website. Fetlar Cafe will be opening extra hours to cover the period of the auditions.