Fetlar has an eclectic mix of housing, ranging from large lairds’ houses to small two-room crofters’ cottages. Recently, property in Fetlar has attracted a lot of interest from potential buyers. Most recent market activity has been for smaller two- or three-bedroom properties, although a few larger properties do sometimes become available.


Access a wide variety of resources from the Shetland Islands Council Housing Options Guide page.

Properties for rent and Social Housing

The only social housing - and virtually the only rented property on the island - is owned by the council which has a small estate dating from the mid 1970's. It consists of seven three-bedroom houses, some of which are now privately owned. There are also two, two bedroom and six one-bedroom properties, originally let as sheltered accommodation, but now also available to general needs. Further information on housing provided by Shetland Island Council can be found here.

Properties for sale

Seafield - 4 bedroomed house at Hubie, the centre of the island. See link below for details.

Seafield | Estate Agency Shetland

Brough Lodge - former house of the Nicholson family. Described as an imaginative retreat project. See link below for details.

Imaginative Retreat Project at Brough Lodge, Fetlar | Estate Agency Shetland