Phalaropes return

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red necked phalaropeThe first of Fetlar's small breeding colony of red necked phalaropes have returned to the island. Only a few so far but no doubt others will follow shortly. Their return heralds the completion of another legendary migration for the small seabirds. All the way from the Pacific coast of South America back to Fetlar, their migration route was only confirmed early this year after advances in technology allowed small tracking devices to be fitted to a few of the birds. 

The phalaropes normally remain in Fetlar until around mid July. If you are planning a visit to see them, please do allow for the fact that it may take several attempts, as they are few in number and often are difficult to find especially if the weather is inclement. Your chances of seeing one can be significantly improved if you are able to secure the services of one of Shetland's expert guides. You may find the following websites helpful or