Revised Croft House Grant Scheme Opens

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New Croft House Grant offers increased levels of support.

The Croft House Grant provides grants for new houses and the rebuilding and renovation of existing croft houses. The scheme is geographically targeted with two levels of grant determined by priority areas with the highest grant maximum available in the more remote and fragile communities.

After considering feedback and evidence, the three previous funding rates have been replaced with a new standard level of grant and a higher level for the islands and some mainland areas. 

The new rates of assistance are as follows:

New House Grant

Geographical Priority Area:

(NOTE- Fetlar is in the high priority area)

  • high: £38,000
  • standard: £28,000

Rebuilding and Improvement Grant

Geographical Priority Area:

  • high: 40% of costs up to a maximum grant of £38,000
  • standard: 40% of costs up to a maximum grant of £28,000

Applications for improvements to an existing croft house are invited from crofters for whom the croft house is their main residence.

The scheme is open to:

  • crofting tenants;
  • owner-occupiers of crofts, which were acquired from the landlord within the last seven years;
  • cottars; and
  • Kyles crofters.

The scheme has four tranches of applications for 2016-17. The next application deadline is 1 May 2016.

See the Rural Payments website for more details. Or for a direct link to 'full guidance' click here.

Source:, 14/04/2016