St Helena featured in BBC Documentary

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RMS St Helena at anchor of Jamestown St Helena Zoom imageRMS St Helena at anchor of Jamestown St Helena St Helena, one of the Countries we featured and linked up with during our Commonwealth Celebration event last year has been featured in a BBC Documentary.

The documentary entitled "St helena: An End to Isolation" follows a small number of islanders and explores their  feelings, hopes and fears for the new airport currently in the final stages of construction. In many ways there are parallels to the arrival of the oil industry in Shetland, although this change could have even more significant effects on the St helena community.

At present the island can just be reached by Ship from either South Africa or Ascension island. The ship the RMS St Helena is one of the last Royal Mail ships in existance. It also make occasional trips out to the even more remote Tristan da Cunha, where Ian Anderson from Cullivoe in Yell was radio operator for a while.

If you fancy a trip on the RMS St Hlena before she is withdrawn from service after the airport becomes operational, you can find details here

A link to the documentary on the iplayer

For those interested in other links, the official tourism site with some stunning images can be found at the community radio station and Independant Newspaper can be found at A UK blog on the island can be found at the other island newspaper can be found here

However if you fancy a trip a bit nearer to home we would be delighted to see you in Fetlar !