The phalaropes are back

News Posted:

The first 2013 sightings of the red necked phalaropes were made on Fetlar yesterday. One was seen near the RSPB hide at the mires of Funzie. Some observers claim to have seen a few. Hopefully more will be returning during the coming days and weeks. Prime viewing locations are the RSPB hide and the nearby loch of Funzie. Visitors coming to Fetlar to see the phalaropes are requested to use the car park at the western side of the loch and to avoid parking in passing places. 

The local RSPB warden commenting on the return of the phalaropes said - ‘’We’re really excited to see the first few female phalaropes arriving back in Fetlar. Most of the UK’s small population of red-necked phalaropes breeds here but in very low numbers. For the best chance of seeing these rare and protected breeding birds you can visit the RSPB Mires of Funzie and nearby Loch of Funzie in Fetlar. To help protect Fetlar’s special and sensitive breeding birds (including red-necked phalaropes, whimbrels and red-throated divers), please adhere to access guidance that you will find on arrival at Funzie car park. To increase your chance of seeing a phalarope, search on foot, the roadside shore at the Loch of Funzie where they sometimes feed along the stony edge. Lone females occasionally hang around with small groups of dunlins so be sure to check a flock of dunlins carefully. Time of day makes little difference. Patience, fair weather and fortune are more important. Good luck!’’