Walks in Fetlar

In 2008, a series of sign-posted walks was introduced throughout Shetland. Several of these walks are in Fetlar. A brief overview of each one is given below. Please also check the whats on page as the RSPB run wildlife walks from time to time.

The Urie walk

The Urie walk starts at Hamars Ness ferry Terminal and goes east along the coast to Urie before turning south west, returning to pick up the main road near Oddsta and back down the road to Hammers Ness (1 1/2 hours)

Note: Walk 1  passes through the RSPB reserve. Please seek local advice before undertaking these walks during the breeding season (May to September).

The Roundhouse walk

The Roundhouse walk starts at Everland and follows the coast along the Wick of Gruting around the Round House before returning to Everland. (1 hour)

Start of the Roundhouse walk. Zoom imageStart of the Roundhouse walk.

Strandburgh Ness walk

The Strandburgh Ness walk starts at Funzie and takes you north along the coast to Strandburgh Ness then follows the coast south west along the Wick of Gruting to Everland, then along the road back to Funzie (3 hours)
Walk 3 can easily be incorporated into Walk 4 if you wish as it takes you past the start/finish point for walk 3.

Zoom image

The Snap walk

The Snap walk starts at Funzie beach and takes you south along the coast to The Snap before following the coast North to Aithbank before returning along road to Funzie (2 1/2 hours)

The Snap. Zoom imageThe Snap.

Nousta Ness walk

The Nousta Ness walk starts from the beach of Funzie and initially follows the same route as the Strandburgh Ness walk but doubles back around Nousta Ness. It is an easy 1.3 km circular walk (30 mins)

Nousa Ness (left of centre). Zoom imageNousa Ness (left of centre).

Tresta, Papil and North Dale burn walk

Starting near Fetlar Church, the walk follows the Tresta beach around the Southern shore of Papil water before swinging North and following the loch shore until meeting the burn of North Dale. The walk then crosses the burn heading due east and joins the branch road into Tresta then follows the road back to the starting point near the church. (1 hour)

Start of the Papil Water walk. Zoom imageStart of the Papil Water walk.

Note: All times given here are to be treated as a rough guide only.

Warning: For your own safety, please use caution and don't go too near cliff edges as they can be unstable and grass can be slippery especially if there has been recent rain.